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It’s a darn good thing web searches are anonymous. I am quite sure many of you whose search ended up at this site would not care to have your names attached to your curiosity. While you satisfy you thirst for knowledge about aging belly button lint, I am left with my head tilted like an owl going “say what?”


I understand your search for gold frogs,  Swiss mountains (that’s on my site?) and African iris, but some of you are concerned about hissing critters, meteors in Wolf Point, Mt, excessive ear wax, and Indian women with wings.


Fashion is always of interest out there. These fashion terms led you to this site: green polka dot shoes, black panties with white pants, wildlife dresses and helium bras. Would love for you to get back with me with pictures of that wildlife dress. Is that Tarzan’s Jane with animal skin, short cover-up? I guess I’ll never know.


Some searches send you on a search: why don’t animals have belly buttons like people? First I laughed. Of course they do—–don’t they? “I don’t think so,” my husband said. I hope there is an answer for whomever out there wanted to know this because now I do, too.


Perhaps we should have a contest for the most “out there” search term. Permit me to submit the first entry: CASKET TOOL. I don’t even want to know.


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  • Do blogs with dark background tend to contain more dark, negative, angry messages? Just wondering.
  • There is concern in the financial community about imminent stagflation. Welcome to fixed income retirees’ world.
  • I despise searching for information on a subject only to be connected to a video link. If I wanted to watch video I’d turn on the TV. With a few exceptions, I’d rather read to search for facts. It’s certainly faster and I don’t have to watch a commercial to get to the subject. I’m just saying: warn me. I’ll click another link.
  • Do birds of a feather really flock together? Not at our bird feeder. Cardinals, woodpeckers, bluejays, and titmice come regularly and they plan their forays together. The feeder is either empty of guests or a waiting line has formed. Perhaps we need to rethink the old saw about birds of a feather.
  • As I passed through a room yesterday snapping doors closed, straightening rugs, picking up stray flotsam from the floor, straightening pillows, my movements seemed eerily familiar. Flight attendant! That was the feeling I got in my bones. And to think I was turned away from that job many years ago because of my height. I guess I’m showing them.
  • Wedlock. I know it’s a perfectly good word, but just doesn’t sound good. Is that why we mostly use it in a negative way? Ever hear of anyone being born “in wedlock?”

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