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Ross Perot is b-a-c-k, and I’m glad. He’s back in the form of his famous charts at perotcharts.com.  When our eyes glaze over and our ears begin to tune out the canned, poll driven commercials there is a place we can go to fact check on the economy. Believe me, you aren’t getting the real story unless the facts happen to mesh with an agenda, purely coincidental. Take the time to scan the work Perot has done for you. Here is what some are saying about Perot and his site.

PerotCharts.com will help Americans understand the serious fiscal challenges facing our nation. These new electronic charts will also serve to hold elected officials accountable while accelerating needed actions to help ensure that our collective future will be better than our past.
Hon. David M. Walker
President and CEO, Peter G. Peterson Foundation
Former U.S. Comptroller General (1998 – 2008)


The facts speak for themselves in Ross Perot’s powerful website for all Americans. Runaway spending and a rising national debt will destroy America’s future as a great nation. As more of our debt is held by those in other countries, our political independence is put at risk by our economic dependency. We must act now!
David L. Boren – President Univ. of Oklahoma
Longest-serving Chair of the
U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee

Ross Perot is exactly right to echo Winston Churchill’s famous cry for “action this day” to rally the nation to reform our entitlement programs, end deficit spending, and balance the federal budget. Perotcharts.com contains information every citizen needs to know so we can demand real change to get the nation on the right track.
Newt Gingrich – General Chairman, American Solutions
for Winning the Future
; Former Speaker of the
U.S. House of Representatives (1995-1999)

Know the facts when presidential candidates promise you the moon. Perhaps you are just getting “mooned.” 

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