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I know I vowed to stay away from politics on this blog, and technically I am keeping my word. I would be remiss, though, if I didn’t at least tell  you about a post from Carson Sasser and allow you to read it or not. If you chose, check out this excellent post: http://carsonsasser.com/singlepost/the-minimum-wage-and-cotton-pickers/

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Last weekend’s elections across Europe  (England, Hungary, Netherlands, Spain, Germany) all leaned decidedly right. So while the U.S. voters have begun to envision a cradle to grave society with open borders, smaller European countries are farther along on that destructive path. They are feeling the sting of rampant immigration and socialist policies that are negatively impacting their economy and are waking up.  We need to pay attention. And to the liberals who have long looked to Europe for wisdom, I say don’t avert your eyes. Keep watching.

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A truck hauling nickels for the mint dumped its load on I-4 near Orlando, Florida, last week. I don’t have to tell you hands were turned into scoops, do I? Guess what? Same thing has already begun in Washington even before the nickels roll.


Buried in an article about medical costs taking a toll on insured are these words of wisdom from Len Nichols, a health economist at the New America Foundation, a non-partisan policy group that advocates universal medical coverage:


“This makes clear the cost of doing nothing is high and growing. While policy analysts acknowledge that finding any new money to expand coverage might prove difficult, some also say the terms of the debate could be changing as policymakers and the public rethink their positions on the need for regulation and the role of the government in the industry – including the health-care system.


We can now imagine a government takeover that we could not imagine before.” Nichols said.


Or as a wise Chinese saying goes, “A journey of a million miles begins with one step.”  Are we ready to take that step?


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