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Yesterday I ate my first home grown tomato. It was beautiful, tasty and juicy. Maybe a little extra juicy. Could that be because of all the rain?

P1060162My red pepper is turning red, the eggplant sprouting more blooms, and four okra plants starting to look like they mean business. I may just have to hire help for the harvest, get a combine in here, or something.  Good thing I planted only one of each except for the okra. Anyone for gumbo?

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“There’s four armadillos in your backyard, Ahmaw,” my grandson yelled.

Yeah, right. But I grabbed the camera just in case. P1050885

There they were, facinating and kinda cute–until they waddled around front and invaded my flower/vegetable garden and rooted up a salvia and okra. P1050906

These guys pay no attention to you. None whatsoever, not even if you prod them with a stick away from plants. They stay planted, scooping with that shovel-like nose, chomping and hanging in with ferocious claws that contrast with their innocent, rollypolly look. Focused. They are focused, pausing only once to take look at me.P1050915

Okay, that was entertaining guys. Come back again when you’re not so hungry.

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