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Pundits are declaring Sarah Palin the debate winner based on what she didn’t do — screw up. May I proclaim Biden victorious?  I base that on the fact that he didn’t ask Gwen Ifil to stand up. Yeah, that’s about right.

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I went into the Vice Presidential debate tonight anticipating my own “cringe factor.” I was willing to grant Gov. Palin the use of three “mavericks,” but was hoping for two. Her use of that word was like a gas pain. I could feel it coming up my esophagus before she said it each time. One—two—oh no—three. “That’s it,” I yelled, “that’s your allotment, Sarah.” Four—-five! Then a respite. I relaxed into the couch cushion, hoping against hope the barrage was over. SIX! Apparently that was all Joe Biden could take, too. He lit into her portrayal of John McCain as a, well-you-know. One, two, three, four, five, six, SEVEN! OMG Biden used the term one more time than Palin. Thank God I’m not a betting person.


But was Biden calling Palin on use of “maverick” just a bit cathartic? You betcha.


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